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Topic Version Scheduler allows you to create and schedule different versions of your existing Topics. These scheduled changes allow for planned, time-sensitive communication with customers as well as queuing up site changes in advance. The changes made will then display instead of the Parent Topic when the scheduled Publish date/time comes and stop displaying at the Unpublish date/time set for the version.

There are two ways to work with Topic Version Scheduling: Through the admin console or within the Inline Editor. The preferred method is through the admin console. For the Inline Editor, see the additional instructions at the end of this article.

Creating Topic Versions

To create your first Topic Version, you must access the Parent Topic:

  1. Login to the site admin console.
  2. Go to Content > Manage Topics
  3. Select the Topic you wish to schedule a different version.
  4. Click the "Schedule New Version" button.

  5. Enter a "Version Name".
  6. Edit the "Publish On" and "Unpublish On" values for the Date and Time you wish to begin and end displaying this version. Convenient Date and Time pickers are available next to the field.
  7. Edit the Topic Version in the editor as desired and SAVE.

Viewing and Editing Existing Topic Versions and Schedules

Clicking the "Topic Schedule" button from a Topic will provide a menu pre-filtered on the current Topic.

Clicking the Topic Schedule button from the left Content menu or the Manage Topics page will provide an unfiltered display of all existing Topic Versions.

With the Topic Schedule page, you can perform the following:

  • View at a glance what is scheduled within a grab-and-slide calendar time-line at the top of the page:
    • This time-line will auto-resize as needed to graphically display all Topic Versions set to display within the visible time frame.
    • You can Zoom In/Out of the time-line by using your computer mouse wheel while the cursor is on the display.
    • You can scroll the time-line left and right by using your computer mouse while holding down the left button on the time-line and pulling left and right.
    • The current Date and Time is represented as a vertical red line on the time-line.
    • The visible Topic Versions will display as blue bars with their Version Names.
    • Clicking on a Topic Version in the time-line will provide a Preview of the Topic Version and turn the selected bar yellow.
  • Filter the Topic Version grid and time-line:
    • Topic Version Name and Topic Name (Parent Topic) can contain partial text.
    • Publish and Unpublish Date fields use a pop-up calendar selector. Be sure to double-click the desired date to set the field.
  • View the grid of filtered Topic Versions with their Publish and Unpublish date and times.
  • Edit a Parent Topic (non-versioned topic)
    • Click the desired Topic Name in the grid to edit the parent non-versioned topic.
  • Edit a Topic Version
    • Click the desired Topic Version Name in the grid to edit the Topic Version.
    • You can create and schedule new versions of the Parent Topic from here by clicking the "Schedule New Version" button.
  • DELETE a Topic Version
    • Click the Delete button to the right of the desired Topic Version to DELETE that Version only.
    • WARNING: The Topic Versions are NOT backed up like the Parent Topics. Deleting one will permanently NUKE the Version.


  • While editing a Topic Version, the red "Delete Topic" button is for the non-version Parent Topic! If intending to delete the Topic Version, you must do so in the Topic Schedule grid.
  • While editing a Topic Version, the editor "Restore from Backup" button is for the non-version Parent Topic! The Topic Versions are NOT backed up like the Parent Topics.
  • When editing a Topic Version, all Topic options below the editor (Published checkbox through Frequently Used checkbox), and the Topic TITLE, are applied to the Parent Topic and all Versions! Changing any of these options will affect the display of the Parent Version and Versions.
    Example: Unchecking the Published button will cause ALL Versions to fail to display on the website, including the Parent Topic.
  • If two versions of the same Parent Topic overlap their dates/times, the most recently created Version will display until it Unpublishes.

Creating Topic Versions in the Inline Editor

To create Topic Versions for Scheduling in the Inline Editor, you must follow these instructions, though it is recommended that you use the admin console instructions above.

  1. Browse directly to the topic page you wish to schedule a version.
    Example: (Modern URL) or (Legacy URL)
  2. Click the "Edit This Page" pencil icon to start an Inline Editing session (you must be logged in as an admin user and have Inline Editing enabled on your site).
  3. Click on the body of the topic (description content area).
  4. Click the Schedule button on the lower right of the pop-up toolbar. (If you do not have a Schedule button then your site version is prior to 10.0.24)
  5. Click the "Schedule a new version" if you are creating a new version of the topic.
  6. If you are editing an existing topic version, Click on the yellow bar in the timeline for the topic version you wish to modify.
  7. In the Scheduler pop-up, Edit the Version Name, Publish Date, Un-Publish Date
  8. Click "Edit This Version" button in the Scheduler pop-up.
  9. Edit the version topic description content as desired.
  10. Click the green check mark Save button for the Inline Editor.

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