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Modified on Thu, 22 Feb 2024 at 12:59 PM

Topics are free form content blocks that can be displayed on your site, either embedded within other pages, or on a page of their own. These are often used for 'FAQ' pages, policy pages, special instructions, or for smaller bits of content embedded throughout your site. Topics are embedded in several areas throughout our responsive templates & homepages. 

Topics can contain HTML and scripting, though a working knowledge of those technologies is necessary.

Topics can be used several ways:
  • At a direct URL, with the format: https://www.yoursite.com/topic/topicname
  • Within another topic by using the token: (!Topic Name="topicname" !)
  • Referencing the url for a topic using a token:  (!TopicLink Name="topicname" !), example: 
          <a href="(!TopicLink Name="topicname" !)" alt="My Topic Link">My Topic Link</a>

Step 1: Create a Topic

  • From the Admin Console, select Content > Manage Topics
  • From the Topic landing page, select Create Topic (right side of landing page). 
  • Assign the Topic Name. We recommend not including spaces within the topic name but instead, leave them together or include  '-' or '_'  between the words. As an example, say you would like to use 'Rental Returns' as the topic name. We would create this topic name as one of these three options:
  1. rentalreturns
  2. rental-returns
  3. rental_returns
  • Create the Topic Title. The is the topic's formal title and will be used for the page title displayed in the browser tab. Use the description box (editor) in either Design or HTML to create your Topic content.
  • Below the text editor, check the box for "Published" (if ready to display) and Save your changes. 
  • Click the "Refresh Store" button in the upper right of your admin console. 

Step 2: Edit a Topic 

  • From the Admin Console, select Content > Manage Topics
  • From the Topic List landing page, filter for & select the Topic you want to edit
  • Once on the Editing Topic page, you may edit the selected Topic as desired in either Design or HTML mode. If you no longer want the contents of this Topic visible on the site, simply uncheck the box for "Published" and click Save
  • After making the desired changes, click Save
  • Refresh Store

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