Built In & Custom Reports

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The cart includes a built-in suite of reports. If the built-in reports don't meet the needs of your site, the store administrator can create Custom Reports.

From the admin console, click Reports in the left navigation.

Reports contain a selection of built-in reports and any Custom Reports that have been added to the site. 

Running a Report: Simply select the report of your choice in the drop-downs: 


Select any filtering options available, and click Get Report: 


Your report will be displayed, along with a button to Save Excel Export if you wish to export the report to Excel: 


Email Sources Report

The Email Sources report is designed to be a way for merchants to export the various email addresses collected in ADNSF in order to feed an email marketing/campaign manager. For example, they may want to start a campaign targeting all of their abandoned cart customers.

It supports the following sources:

  • Registered Customers
  • Unregistered Customers
  • Abandoned Carts
  • Affiliates
  • Distributors
  • Manufacturers

Only one email address, per source, should appear. For any record (such as distributors, manufacturers, or affiliates) an email address has to be present for the record to be output.

Notes on filter parameters and behavior: The date range is when the customer (or affiliate, distributor, manufacturer) was created. This exists so that the merchant can only include new emails that were added since a prior report export.

  • "OK To Email" - only applies to the first three sources above, since ADNSF isn't capturing that for the last three
  • "Placed Order" - only include customers that have placed an order at some point in history
  • "Source Type" - to allow you to select a single source, or "All" for all sources

For the various source types:

  • Abandoned Carts
    • Items added to a cart but never ordered
  • Registered Customers
    • Only registered customers (non-Guest) should appear here
  • Unregistered Customers
    • Customers who have only placed Guest orders
  • Affiliates
    • From Admin -> Marketing -> Affiliates
  • Distributors
    • From Admin -> Contacts -> Distributors
  • Manufacturers
    • From Admin -> Products -> Product Groups -> Manufacturers

Custom Reports are a great way to extract some information from your store's database.

Getting to know Custom Reports.

Following the instructions on that page, you can build your own custom reports. The sample query on that page lists out a test report that will provide the email address, and billing zip code associated with every order taken on your store.

See below for a few more custom reports you might find useful.

Here's a custom report that will list out all customer addresses:  

INSERT INTO CustomReport (Name, Description, SQLCommand)
VALUES ('Addresses', 'All Addresses in Database', 'SELECT AddressID,CustomerID,FirstName,LastName,Company,Address1,Address2,Suite,City,State,Zip,Country,Phone FROM Address')


This one will give you a report of all categories in your store:  

INSERT INTO CustomReport (Name, Description, SQLCommand)
VALUES ('Categories', 'Categories currently in the store', 'SELECT CategoryID,Name,ParentCategoryID,Published,Deleted FROM Category')


Export a list of all products that don't have a SKU:  

INSERT INTO CustomReport (Name, Description, SQLCommand)
VALUES ('Products Without SKU', 'Products currently without a SKU value', 'SELECT Name,ProductID,SKU FROM Product WHERE SKU IS NULL OR SKU = ''''')


If you're new to SQL, this site is a great resource: http://www.w3schools.com/sql/

If you're not sure what tables/columns are available to build custom reports around, this page will help: http://help.aspdotnetstorefront.com/manual/951/default.aspx?pageid=database_tables

This contains a list of all of the columns in each table in a version 9.5.1 database. Version 10 database structure is very similar, so for most custom reports, this reference will still be useful for newer versions.

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