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Modified on Wed, 02 Oct 2019 at 12:39 PM

In order to keep your store secure & always-up-to-date, we need to ensure that the store we're always-updating is 'known' to us - that there aren't any mysterious files or changes to the software behavior that could conflict with future updates. To manage this environment, we restrict access to customize the core code of the software, and we don't provide direct access to the database. You can customize your store's look & feel as much as you'd like - you just need to make sure your code changes are confined to the /Skins folder.

For each preFIX subscription, we provide limited FTP access, you will have read & write access to the following folders:

  • Config
  • Skins
  • Images
  • Downloads
  • Orderdownloads

We also provide read-only access to these folders in the root: 

  • Views
  • XmlPackages

You'll notice that Views & XmlPackages folders also appear within each sub-folder in your Skins directory - this is because you can download the files from either of these folders in the 'root' of the site, modify them as you like, then upload them back to the same folder names within your Skin - files of the same name will be first used if they appear in the Skin folder - if they're not there, then the root file will be used. So you can copy one of our 'stock' product layouts, change it up to suit, then upload it back up to your skin and your site will automatically use your custom layout first.

For database access, you can run basic SQL commands and install Custom Reports via the Configuration > Run SQL menu. You can also interact with the database directly via WSI, or by using a third party application. If you have another need to establish a direct connection to your store's live database - please send us a ticket and we'll see what we can do to help.

You can request a backup of your database for external use by submitting a ticket, but you can’t return it to us for a restore. We keep your storefront tightly secured and we won’t let anyone – not even you – introduce foreign particles back into the environment.

The \Config folder is where you can add Rewrite rules as needed, such as the popular Redirect Live to WWW . ( \config\RewriteRules.config ) This feature can now be enabled and disabled by setting the "enabled" attribute of the "Ensure www subdomain" rewrite rule to "true" or "false".

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