In May 2017, your preFIX store was updated to include support for the Advanced Product Image Display add-on.

You can try this out on our demo store here:

If you'd like to enable this for your store you can do so in one of two ways:


This is the easiest way to get going with the add-on. Your product layout will change as a result of this installation - if instead you'd like to merge this add-on with your existing layout please see the 'Advanced' method below.

  •  Use an FTP client to connect to your store (more info)
  •  Open the folder {root}/Skins/{YourSkinFolder}/CSS and Upload the file imageViewer.css. For access to this file, please submit a support ticket at our helpdesk
  •  Open the file {root}/Skins/{YourSkinFolder}/Views/Shared/_Head.cshtml in a text editor like Notepad++. Link to the image viewer css file by adding: Url.AppRelativeSkinUrl("css/imageViewer.css"), to the css/bundled group (don't forget the comma at the end).
  •  Log in to the admin console of your site, and navigate to Products > Manage Products. Select a product, then choose Advanced Product Image Display from the Page Display dropdown, then Save and Close the product.
  •  Look at the product page on the front end to see it in action.


If you'd like to merge this add-on in with your existing product page layout, you can do so following the instructions on our manual here.

You'll need to know your way around HTML or XSLT or have a developer help you with this method. If you don't have a developer and you'd like to get some help, please send us a ticket and we can help to connect you with someone to assist.

Once the add-on is set up on your store, you can adjust your configuration options and learn how to setup your product images here.