Adding PayPal to your Store (new PayPal users)

Modified on Mon, 03 Jun 2024 at 05:27 PM

*If you currently have PayPal on your site as a payment method, or have ever tried installing PayPal on your site, these instructions will not work for you. You'll need to follow the directions for Upgrading your PayPal account to PayPal Commerce (PCPP / PPCP). This is because you'll need to delete some settings before you can install PPCP. This article is for websites that have never configured PayPal before.

If you would like to add PayPal to your website, and have never taken PayPal as a payment method before (meaning all of your PayPal settings are untouched in your website), you can add PayPal Commerce very easily.

To start configuring PayPal for the first time, you'll want to log into your website admin (/admin or /aesys). 

Click on Configuration > Site Setup Wizard

Scroll down the page and make sure that your site is set to Use Live Transactions. This is important when setting up PayPal Commerce.

If your site was set to "No" and you changed the setting to "Yes" be sure to save the page and refresh your store. This needs to be set to "Yes" to continue. 

Now scroll further down the page until you see the PayPal setting under Wallets. 

*If your screen does not look like the one above, and instead you see an upgrade button, like the image below, this means that you've previously configured PayPal and you'll want to skip the remaining steps and go Upgrading your PayPal account to PayPal Commerce (PCPP / PPCP)

If you're still here, Click the configure link on the right of the page. (Circled above) You should get a pop-up window that looks like this. 

Do NOT enter your email on the above screen. Instead click the "Connect with PayPal" button with the arrow above. You'll see another pop-up window like the one below. Here you can start connecting to PayPal by entering your email. This works whether you have an existing PayPal account, or are signing up for a new one. Please do not use your personal paypal account. You'll want an account dedicated to taking payments on your ecommerce site. 

After entering your email, you'll continue with the signup process and agree and Create Account. If you already have a PayPal account that you have never used on your website, it may ask you to log in, in which case, you can skip the signup process. 

On the next page, Click Let's Go! Then choose your type of business and hit Next. PayPal will pre-populate some fields for you based on your website information, then ask for some personal info which you can provide. You'll step through a few pages like this where it asks about your business and personal information. Fill this out to the best of your ability. When you get to the final page, it will look like this. Hit the blue button to go back to your website. The onboarding process will not be completed without clicking the Return to Store button). 

You should see a message that your PayPal Commercer access token was created. If you don't see this message, or see an error message, you should contact Vortx customer support. We can help you get through this step. Be sure to refresh your store at this point. 

Next, you'll need to sign into your PayPal mechant account to confirm your email (required) and link your banking information. You should get an email titled "Set Up Your PayPal Business Account" but if you don't you can log in at this link

After completing the onboarding process and updating your PayPal account, you can go back to the PayPal configuration link in your setup wizard and you will see that PayPal is connected and able to take payments. 

You are now ready to take payments on your website. Go ahead and select PayPal as your wallet in your site setup wizard and your payments are now live.

You'll now want to make sure you have the PayPal buttons visible on your site. Save your setup wizard page, then go to Configuration > Settings in your website admin and search for "PayPalCommerce.CheckoutButton". The site should default to our recommended settings, but in case it doesn't these are the settings we recommend: 

*You may not see buttons immediately on your mini-cart and product page, but leave this setting in place and enabled, and check back in a couple of days and the buttons will eventually appear.

Save your settings, Refresh Store, and now look at your public facing site and you should see PayPal buttons on your Product page, Minicart, and Checkout. On a mobile device, Venmo will also appear as a payment option. 


Be sure to test your checkout to make sure payments made with PayPal are processed successfully. If you have any troubles, questions, or concerns, please submit a ticket to Vortx' helpdesk and we'll be here to help.

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