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Your homepage includes a section which can showcase specific products. You can choose products from a category to display randomly, or you can define specific product ID's that you'd like to appear. You can control the header text to say 'Customer Favorites' or 'Popular Products', and you can decide how many items you want to appear, and in how many columns.

Displaying specific products on the homepage

First, gather a list of products that you would like to display, and make note of their product IDs. To locate the proudct ID, go to Products > Manage Products in your admin console. Use the filters to find a product, and note the ID in the left column of the grid below. Once you have the ID's of the products you want to feature on the homepage, go to Content > Manage Topics in your admin console and search for topic '0-home-featured-products', click the topic to open it for editing. Make sure that the HTML Editor is in HTML mode (hit the <> button).

You'll see a token that will look something like this:

(!XMLPackage Name="featured.xml.config" headertext="Customer Favorites" usecommadelimitedproductlist="true" commadelimitedproductlist="80,79,81,142" !)

We've used red text to show you the things that you'll likely want to edit:

  1. Header text - what text do you want to appear just above the featured products?
  2. What are the ID's of the products you'd like to feature?

Advanced Configuration

Each of the parameters in the table below can be used in the Featured Products token to change the functionality.

Configuration OptionDescriptionDefault
featuredentityidThis is the entityid of your featured products entity. For example "33". This parameter is required unless you use the comma delimited product list.N/A
featuredentitytypeThe type of entity to use. Example: "category" or "section" or "manufacturer".category
usecommadelimitedproductlistWhether or not to use the comma delimited product list. If this is set to true featuredentity settings are ignored. Accepted values are "true" or "false".false
commadelimitedproductlistThe specific products you want to feature. These override the entity products. You can't do both. For Example "1,2,3,4,5"N/A
headertextThe text that shows up in the header.Featured Products
numberofitemsThis is the number of items to show4
columnsThis is the number of columns in the featured products grid.4
showpriceCan be true or false. Determines whether the product's price is shown.false
showcartformDetermines whether the add to cart form is shown. If shown, the quantity text field, add to cart button and add to wish list button will display. The wish list button will not display if the appconfig parameter ShowWishButtons is set to false. If a products inventory is zero, the cart form will not display for that item. Also, if the product is a kit, pack or has colors or sizes, a Details button will display instead taking the user to the product page. Accepted values are "true" or "false".false
randomorderWhether or not to randomize the order of products. "true" or "false"false
mininventorylevelIf you would like to show only featured products that have and inventory of 10 or more you could set this value to 10.1

 NOTE: mininventorylevel - The software will not display any product with a variant inventory less than -1 regardless of the value set in this parameter.

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