Q: How will I be able to access my website to make changes and updates?

A: All hosting clients will be provided with FTP access to their website files. Any changes can be made using this protocol. When you log into the FTP, you will see a directory with your website name (/domain.com). Inside this folder are three additional folders:

  • /data - This is a temporary directory for storing database backups or other data that should not be made available to the public. 
  • /logs - This is where the raw http logs are located for your website. This directory is locked but we can make copies of these logs available to you upon request.
  • /wwwroot - This is the Public folder (or Root folder). Anything in this folder will be accessible on your website. You should see the typical directory structure for AspDotNetStorefront (/Admin, /skins, /images), and any changes to the AspDotNetStorefront files should be uploaded to the appropriate sub-folders within /wwwroot.

Q: Can I use Front Page to edit my site?

A: No, we don’t support Front Page Extensions on our hosted servers. We suggest you make changes to your website on a development machine before pushing the changes to the live server via FTP.

Q: What application do I use to update/access my website via FTP?

A: There are many available FTP applications available. Some of our favorites are:

Q: What if I lose FTP my username or password?

A: Please contact us for assistance.